Livestock drinkers


In 1965, as the first manufacturer of livestock drinkers, our company was founded on specific branch knowledge and precision workmanship and continues today as a well-respected name in the nipple drinking industry.

Various European and German patents as well as awards from the German Agricultural Association (DLG) support the quality of our products. We manufacture nipple drinkers and drinking systems for poultry and pig management serving our customers throughout the world.

In addition, we manufacture complementary parts for poultry and pig drinking systems as well as drinkers for horses, cattle, sheep and other small animals.

In 2010 H. Neher GmbH & Co. KG was appropriated by the mother company of Impex Barneveld bv in the Netherlands, through which our products are now distributed worldwide.

For further information and inquiries please click here to be directed to the Impex Barneveld bv website.

Livestock drinkers

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